Why Bard AI Is Now Called Gemini

Why Bard AI Is Now Called Gemini

Barely 1 year old, the search engine giant Google, has renamed its own AI chatbot bard to Gemini.

With so much speculations that comes with this news many Bard AI users can only have one question, WHY?

  • Alongside this announcement, Google also introduced a paid version of Gemini, named Gemini Advanced.
  • Gemini is now the default assistant on Android, and it’s also available on the iOS Google App.
  • Gemini will take over from Duet AI and will be used in Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and other Google services.

Why the change?

Think of Gemini as Bard 2.0. It’s powered by even stronger AI technology, making it smarter and more helpful than ever before. Plus, the new name better reflects the advanced tools that comes with the update.

What’s new?

Gemini can now tackle tougher tasks like writing code, solving problems, and even helping you with creative projects. It’s basically your super-powered AI assistant!

Introducing Gemini Advanced.

Gemini Advanced, powered by Ultra 1.0, is excellent at tricky tasks like coding, reasoning, and helping with creative projects. It’s like having a smart tutor that understands what you need. For instance:

  • It can teach you step-by-step, give quizzes, and chat about topics you’re learning.
  • It’s handy for advanced coding, offering ideas and feedback on different approaches.
  • It supports creators by suggesting content, analyzing trends, and brainstorming ways to reach more people.

This version of Gemini Advanced shows Google latest AI improvements and will keep getting better. They’re adding new features like better conversation abilities, more coding help, and deeper data analysis. It’s already in over 150 countries in English, and more languages will be added soon.

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Gemini Advanced Price

Gemini Advanced, the only gateway to Ultra 1.0, requires users to subscribe to the new $20 Google One AI Premium plan.

This plan includes all the perks of the current Google One Premium plan, such as 2TB of storage, exclusive Google Photos editing tools, premium Google Meet video features, and enhanced appointment scheduling on Google Calendar.

Additionally, subscribers gain access to the advanced Ultra 1.0 model wherever Gemini is available. Soon, they’ll also access Gemini in Google Workspace, offering an experience similar to Microsoft Copilot, though Google hasn’t disclosed any specifics yet.

What To Expect Next

Next up, Google mentioned that paid subscribers will soon enjoy access to a version of Gemini integrated into Gmail, along with apps like Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet.

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