150 Captivating novel AI Prompts

novel AI Prompts

Storytelling has been an essential part of human culture for years, sparking our imaginations and captivating our hearts.

Now, with the incredible advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), we can explore a new frontier of creativity and inspiration.

In this short and brief blog post, I will be dashing out 150 novel AI prompts that will take your novel to a whole new level.

Whether you’re an aspiring writer, a curious reader, or simply love a good tale, these prompts will fuel your storytelling prowess and unleash the storyteller within you.

So let’s dive in shall we?

Adventure Novel AI Prompts

novel AI Prompts
  1. Embark on a daring quest to retrieve a lost artifact from the heart of an enchanted forest.
  2. Unravel the mystery of a hidden treasure map that leads to a forgotten pirate’s treasure.
  3. Follow the thrilling expedition of a group of explorers venturing into the depths of a long-lost civilization.
  4. Tell the tale of a young mage on a journey to master the elements and save their homeland from darkness.
  5. Join a courageous band of rebels as they seek to overthrow an oppressive regime ruling over their realm.

Love and Romance Novel AI Prompts

  1. Chronicle the unexpected love story between a human and an otherworldly creature from a parallel dimension.
  2. Detail the trials and tribulations of a pair of star-crossed lovers from rival kingdoms.
  3. Write about a chance encounter between two strangers on a train that leads to a life-changing romance.
  4. Explore the magical bond between a human and a mythical creature, overcoming societal prejudices.
  5. Describe the bittersweet reunion of childhood sweethearts who meet again after years of separation.

Time Travel Adventures Novel AI Prompts

  1. Craft a time-traveling tale of a historian who accidentally becomes entangled in the events of the past.
  2. Explore the consequences of altering history when a time-traveler saves a historical figure from an untimely death.
  3. Write about a modern-day person who finds themselves transported back to the era of the ancient pharaohs.
  4. Follow a time-traveling detective as they solve a series of historical mysteries throughout different eras.
  5. Narrate the adventures of a group of friends who stumble upon a mysterious time portal in their backyard.

Science Fiction Wonders Novel AI Prompts

Science Fiction Wonders Novel AI Prompts
  1. Paint a futuristic world where AI beings coexist with humans, but tensions escalate due to their different perspectives.
  2. Describe life on a space station as the crew encounters an enigmatic extraterrestrial presence.
  3. Invent a dystopian society where humans are implanted with mind-controlling chips, and a rebellion rises to fight back.
  4. Explore the ethical dilemma faced by a scientist who creates a sentient AI that questions its own existence.
  5. Chronicle the discovery of a parallel universe where everything is the same, except for one crucial difference.
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Supernatural and Paranormal Mysteries Novel AI Prompts

  1. Tell the haunting story of a ghost who seeks to uncover the truth behind their own death.
  2. Describe the chilling encounters of a paranormal investigator exploring a haunted mansion.
  3. Weave a tale of a small town plagued by a curse, and the unlikely hero who must break it.
  4. Create an eerie story of a person who receives messages from the afterlife through their dreams.
  5. Detail the life of a psychic detective who uses their powers to solve baffling supernatural cases.

Fantasy Realms Novel AI Prompts

  1. Introduce readers to a world where magic is outlawed, and a group of rebels fights to restore it.
  2. Describe the journey of a young magician in search of a legendary spell that grants ultimate power.
  3. Write about a kingdom where mythical creatures are integral to society’s functioning, but chaos ensues when they start disappearing.
  4. Take readers on an epic adventure through a fantastical realm ruled by elemental gods.
  5. Craft a story of a brave young dragon who must protect their homeland from invading forces.

Historical Epic Story AI Prompts

Historical Epic Story AI Prompts
  1. Relive the legendary tales of ancient warriors and their heroic deeds on the battlefield.
  2. Detail the life of a famous artist or inventor, highlighting their struggles and triumphs.
  3. Chronicle the experiences of a commoner living through a significant historical event, such as a revolution or war.
  4. Write about the trials of a young princess navigating the treacherous political landscape of a medieval kingdom.
  5. Narrate the true story of a forgotten hero who made a significant impact on history.

Post-Apocalyptic Survival Novel AI Prompts

  1. Take readers on a harrowing journey through a desolate wasteland as survivors seek refuge and hope.
  2. Describe the struggles of a group of strangers forced to work together to survive in a world ravaged by a deadly virus.
  3. Write about the challenges faced by a lone wanderer traveling through a world engulfed in darkness after a cataclysmic event.
  4. Explore the moral dilemmas of a scientist working to rebuild society after an apocalyptic disaster they inadvertently caused.
  5. Detail the rise of a resilient leader who emerges to unite scattered survivors in the aftermath of destruction.

Political Intrigues Novel AI Prompts

  1. Create a political thriller filled with espionage, betrayal, and high-stakes power struggles.
  2. Detail the cunning maneuvers of a diplomat navigating the complex world of international relations.
  3. Write about a young idealist who enters the political arena and must decide between compromise and staying true to their values.
  4. Explore the dark secrets and conspiracies hidden behind the facade of a seemingly utopian society.
  5. Chronicle the rise and fall of a charismatic leader who becomes entangled in their own web of lies.

Heartwarming AI Story Prompts

Heartwarming AI Story Prompts
  1. Follow the journey of a young orphan as they find their place in the world and discover their true heritage.
  2. Describe the trials and triumphs of a group of friends as they navigate the challenges of adolescence together.
  3. Write about a teenager who embarks on a transformative summer adventure that changes their perspective on life.
  4. Explore the struggles and growth of a young protagonist as they overcome societal expectations and follow their dreams.
  5. Craft a heartwarming story of a grandparent imparting life lessons to their grandchild through storytelling.

Magical Academies Novel AI Prompts

  1. Introduce readers to a magical academy where students learn to harness the power of the elements.
  2. Write about the challenges faced by a young witch or wizard as they attend a prestigious school of magic.
  3. Chronicle the misadventures of a group of students with unconventional magical abilities who form an unlikely friendship.
  4. Detail the journey of a non-magical student who discovers a hidden talent and gains admission to a secret magical academy.
  5. Create a story of a magical academy facing a grave threat and the students who must unite to protect it.
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Survival in the Wild Novel AI Prompts

  1. Take readers on a thrilling expedition with a group of explorers who must survive in a treacherous, untamed wilderness.
  2. Write about a lone castaway stranded on a deserted island, battling nature and loneliness.
  3. Detail the experiences of a wilderness guide leading a group of adventurers through uncharted territories.
  4. Chronicle the determination of a wildlife biologist studying elusive creatures deep in the heart of the jungle.
  5. Create a story of a hiker who becomes lost in the wilderness and must rely on their instincts and resilience to find their way back.

Superheroes and Villains story AI Prompts

  1. Invent a world where ordinary people gain extraordinary powers and become reluctant heroes.
  2. Write about the origin story of a powerful villain who believes they are justified in their pursuit of justice.
  3. Chronicle the adventures of a team of superheroes with contrasting abilities, fighting crime together.
  4. Explore the inner conflict of a hero torn between their sense of duty and personal desires.
  5. Craft a tale of redemption, as a reformed villain seeks to right their past wrongs and become a hero.

Magical Artifacts and Curses Novel AI Prompts

Magical Artifacts and Curses Novel AI Prompts
  1. Tell the story of a cursed artifact with the power to grant wishes, but at a great cost.
  2. Detail the quest of an archaeologist searching for a legendary artifact rumored to possess extraordinary powers.
  3. Write about the consequences of breaking a powerful magical curse that has plagued a family for generations.
  4. Explore the perils faced by a group of adventurers seeking to collect scattered fragments of a shattered magical artifact.
  5. Chronicle the adventures of a relic hunter who discovers a dangerous, enchanted object coveted by dark forces.

Timeless Fairy Tales Novel AI Prompts

  1. Reimagine a classic fairy tale with a modern twist and unexpected plot twists.
  2. Create an original fairy tale about an unlikely friendship between a mythical creature and a human child.
  3. Tell the tale of a brave young protagonist overcoming magical obstacles to break a wicked curse.
  4. Write about a mischievous fairy or gnome causing havoc in a quaint village, leading to an unexpected adventure.
  5. Explore a world where different fairy tale characters coexist and interact in extraordinary ways.

Parallel Universes Novel AI Prompts

  1. Craft a riveting tale of a protagonist accidentally slipping into a parallel universe and struggling to find their way home.
  2. Write about the consequences of a single choice leading to multiple parallel realities and the protagonist’s journey through each.
  3. Detail the adventures of a group of individuals from different realities who come together to solve a multiverse crisis.
  4. Explore the repercussions of a scientific experiment gone awry, creating rifts between alternate realities.
  5. Chronicle the experiences of a time-traveler who inadvertently alters the course of multiple parallel universes.

Legends and Prophecies Novel AI Prompts

  1. Invent a prophetic vision that foretells a world-changing event, and the efforts to prevent or fulfill it.
  2. Write about a fabled hero who returns from the past when their land faces a dire threat.
  3. Detail the story of a seer who can glimpse the future but must decipher cryptic prophecies to save their kingdom.
  4. Explore the folklore of a mysterious artifact believed to hold the key to fulfilling an ancient prophecy.
  5. Chronicle the tale of a chosen one destined to face a formidable evil and bring balance to the world.
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Charming Animal Companions Novel AI Prompts

Charming Animal Companions Novel AI Prompts
  1. Craft a heartwarming story of a human and their extraordinary bond with an animal companion.
  2. Write about a fantastical world where animals possess magical abilities and aid humans in their quests.
  3. Detail the adventures of a young protagonist befriending a talking animal who guides them on a remarkable journey.
  4. Explore the loyalty and bravery of an animal companion that sacrifices to save its human friend.
  5. Chronicle the life of an ancient guardian spirit manifested as an animal, protecting a sacred land.

Interstellar Encounters Novel AI Prompts

  1. Tell the gripping tale of an astronaut who encounters intelligent life on an alien planet.
  2. Craft a story of a spaceship crew discovering an ancient extraterrestrial artifact with unfathomable power.
  3. Write about a human being abducted by aliens and their experiences living in an advanced alien civilization.
  4. Detail the challenges faced by intergalactic diplomats negotiating peace between warring alien races.
  5. Chronicle the exhilarating journey of an Earthling exploring the cosmos and meeting diverse alien civilizations.

Steampunk Adventures Novel AI Prompts

  1. Invent an alternate reality where steam-powered technology has revolutionized the world.
  2. Write about a daring airship captain leading a crew of adventurers in a sky-bound quest.
  3. Detail the experiences of an inventor seeking to create a groundbreaking steampunk machine.
  4. Explore a world where advanced automatons coexist with Victorian-era societies.
  5. Chronicle the escapades of a steampunk detective solving mysterious crimes in a foggy, gaslit city.


What are AI story prompts, and how do they work?

AI story prompts are creative writing ideas generated by an Artificial Intelligence language model, like ChatGPT.

These prompts serve as a starting point for storytelling and can inspire writers with unique and imaginative ideas.

AI models use vast amounts of data to understand context and generate coherent prompts for various genres.

How can AI story prompts benefit writers?

AI story prompts provide a wealth of diverse and intriguing ideas, sparking creativity and helping writers overcome writer’s block.

They offer fresh perspectives, unexpected plot twists, and unique characters to enrich stories and stimulate the imagination.

Can AI novel prompts be used for publishing or commercial purposes?

AI-generated content may require careful review and editing before commercial use.

While AI prompts can serve as a foundation for stories, human authors play a crucial role in refining and shaping the final narrative for publishing purposes.

How can writers best utilize AI story prompts?

Writers can use AI story prompts as a source of inspiration, starting points, or plot twists.

They can also blend AI-generated ideas with their own creativity to craft original and engaging stories.

Are AI-generated stories as engaging as human-written ones?

AI-generated stories can be highly engaging and creative; however, they may lack the depth and emotional nuances of human-crafted narratives.

Combining AI prompts with human storytelling skills can result in compelling and captivating tales.


With these 150 captivating AI novel prompts, the possibilities for storytelling are limitless.

From epic adventures to heartwarming romances, from ancient myths to futuristic worlds, the AI-inspired narratives will take readers on unforgettable journeys.

As we continue to embrace the marvels of AI technology, let these prompts serve as a springboard for your storytelling endeavors, guiding you into the realm of boundless imagination and awe-inspiring tales.

Happy writing!

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